Tend's New Lynx Indoor Camera Blends Effortless Security with Sophisticated Intelligence and Facial Recognition
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Lynx Combines Ultra-Simple Setup, HD Live Video Monitoring with Advanced Facial Recognition & Motion-Triggered Recording to Help Anyone Tend to What Matters Most

Designed to make securing the people, places and things that matter most incredibly simple with powerful and sophisticated technology, the new Tend Secure Lynx Indoor™ camera debuted today offering the perfect combination of intelligent, yet effortless, video security.

Featuring crystal clear 1080p HD video and crisp two-way audio, Tend Secure Lynx Indoor provides a smart video monitoring solution that pairs effortlessly with any existing Wi-Fi network for easy set up in just minutes. Lynx Indoor™ can easily be placed or mounted anywhere with no complicated wiring for 24-hour day- and nighttime (Infrared) monitoring. Multiple Lynx Indoor cameras can also be installed on the same network to monitor different rooms, entryways or other locations around the home or business workspace.

Lynx Indoor's built-in, advanced facial recognition technology automatically recognizes familiar faces to maximize security and eliminate false alarms. Perfect for keeping an eye on children or elders left home alone, simply use the free Tend Secure app (for iOS and Android) to pre-load images of loved ones and other familiar faces to the Facial Recognition Library. Once trained, the Tend Secure app issues a mobile check-in alert when children arrive home from school or if unfamiliar faces are detected so users can immediately see a live stream of suspicious activity.

In addition to live video streaming and still image capture, users can also use Lynx Indoor's two-way audio system to communicate with loved ones, pets or other occupants via the Tend Secure mobile app.

The system comes with lifetime free seven-day cloud storage; the past seven days of captured video and audio are saved automatically and stored on Tend Insight's cloud-based servers for secure access from anywhere using the Tend Secure mobile app.

"We designed Lynx to be exceptionally user-friendly and accessible, giving anyone the ability to secure what you love with a system so incredibly simple that it blends effortlessly into your everyday activities," said Herman Yau, Tend co-founder and CEO. "But, with our advanced imaging and facial recognition technology, you also get the most sophisticated system available on the market to protect what matters most."