Enterprises Soon to End Reliance on Humans to Fight Cyber Crime
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With a 752 percent spike in ransomware attacks in 2016 and increasing reliance on machine learning to fight cyber threats, three-quarters of businesses (76 percent) will lessen the need to rely on human judgment to fight cyber crime, a new research found on Tuesday.

According to the security software and solutions firm Trend Micro Incorporated, these businesses foresee advanced security techniques as an end of the need to rely on humans to capture subtle differences between threat anomalies in the future.

“This displacement will reduce the strain on IT resources, leaving time for other strategic activities. Nearly 45 percent expecting this change to occur within the next five years,” the company said.

According to Leah MacMillan, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Trend Micro, following the explosion of ransomware and other damaging cyber-attacks, organisations now face threats to their operations and competitive advantage.

“While the opportunity now exists to focus more on the newest, most advanced technology to circumvent the potential for human error, it is evident that companies are not clear on their strategy here yet,” MacMillan noted.

The findings showed that transformation is already under way with 67 percent organisations currently using advanced techniques within their cyber security solutions while others planning to introduce them in the next 12 to 18 months.

“Companies cited that their lack of understanding may be a result of the ever-changing attacks and over-hyped claims. It takes a layered technology approach, directed and managed by security experts trained in best practices to defend against threats and to make stakeholders feel safe,” MacMillian noted.

The report also exposed the lack of awareness around false positives within cyber security.