Evolis Launches a New Product Line for the Instant Issuance of Payment Cards Using a Patented Technology
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Evolis, world leader in decentralised issuance of payment cards, strengthens its position with the launch of three new systems dedicated to instant card issuance in bank branches. The new product line enhances the group’s worldwide offer for banks with new functionalities complying with the international security guidelines for the instant issuance of payment cards in bank branches.
Three New Products Meeting The Specific Needs Of Bank Branches

All three systems embed a new technology which has been patented by Evolis. The KINECLIPSE process is a world premiere on direct-to-card printers.

KINECLIPSE masks any residual sensitive card holder information on the printing ribbon. This process makes the stock management of ribbons easier and more secure for banks.
In addition, every printing system of this new range contains an electromechanical locking system with dual access control as well as data encryption for secured communication with all systems interfacing these printers. These functionalities enhance Evolis’ product offer and provide unique user benefits.

With these security functions, the three systems ensure ultra-secure issuance of cards and comply with the international security guidelines for the instant issuance of payment cards in bank branches.

The product line is composed of three products:

• Issengo: a compact, easy-to-use and secure system for instant flat card printing
• Privelio: a modular, highly flexible and secure solution with several card feeders enabling a bank to personalize and issue different flat card designs.
• Privelio XT: combines the functionalities of Privelio with an embossing and indenting module

An Integrated Server Drives the Systems Through the Cloud

All three systems can be interfaced via an integrated server, Evolis Mosaic, developed specifically for the new banking line, which facilitates and speeds up the banks’ IT system integration. The built-in PC card makes the flow of card customization data inaccessible to ill-intentioned individuals while ensuring a secure communication.

The server enables the user to drive the printer via the cloud without connection to a PC installed next to the printing system. “Evolis has gathered extensive experience through its involvement in numerous financial projects – issuance of magnetic cards, EMV, with desktop, unattended or customized solutions. This expertise has led us to design products that are recognized by our partners and banks for their ease of integration, their reliability and simple handling,” explains Ludovic Simonneau, financial marketing manager at Evolis.

More than 55,000 Evolis systems have been sold to over 1.200 financial institutions all over the world issuing over 60 million payment cards per year.