A Clean Solution – Linen Supplier Synergy Health Standardizes On Bosch Fire Panels
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Synergy Health is a global company specializing in the sterilization of medical equipment and the supply of linen, particularly for the healthcare sector. The company offers a comprehensive range of services across the Netherlands – including the rental and washing of bed linen, professional clothing and linen for operating rooms.

Being in the healthcare industry, everything at Synergy Health needs to be perfect – including the fire protection systems. During a complete replacement of its fire protection systems, Dutch linen supplier Synergy Health installed Bosch fire panels and detectors in eight subsidiaries.

Synergy Health decided to standardize on one partner and one technology in order to facilitate management and maintenance of the new systems. The in-stallation was done by Mactwin Security Solutions, a Dutch systems integrator with a vast experience in Bosch fire detection systems.

In Synergy Health’s laundries, high fire risk meets very demanding environ-mental conditions due to humidity, steam and dust. The company therefore needed a solution that could detect smoke and fire as reliably as it could dif-ferentiate between real alarm conditions and disturbance values to minimize costly false alarms.

The company found that due to their modular architecture, the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series from Bosch could best adopt to the different requirements of the individual laundries, which differ in size and production processes. These fire panels now protect both, laundries and offices of Synergy Health. For fire detection, Mactwin installed a total of about 700 Automatic Fire Detector 420 Series with Dual Ray Technology. This technology uses different wavelengths to better distinguish smoke particles from other particles such as dust, water vapor or cigarette smoke, thus greatly reducing false alarm rates.

The combination of the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series from Bosch with the Automatic Fire Detector 420 Series with Dual Ray Technology perfectly meets Synergy Health’s safety requirements today. Due to its open archi-tecture and modular design, the solution can also be extended or modified any time in the future, protecting the initial investment even when require-ments should change.