Intersec 2024: Ajax Systems Introduces New Video Products And Grade 3 Devices

Ajax Systems has unveiled whole new CCTV products with a different approach to privacy as well as Grade 3 devices which are poised to reshape industry benchmarks at Intersec 2024 show. 


Ajax Cameras: Intelligence and privacy built-in

TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini embody signature Ajax design shapes. Each camera model is stuffed with one of four possible configurations: a lens with a viewing angle of 85 or 110 degrees and 3K or 4K resolution. Every Ajax camera easily adapts to changing light with True WDR technology. This smart tech, involving hardware and software, fixes uneven lighting in complex scenes, frame by frame, in real-time.

Also, cameras are equipped with a digital microphone. It uses a custom noise cancellation system. Also, all the cameras meet the IP65 protection class, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Cameras seamlessly utilize the Ajax Cloud to transmit system events. The proprietary JetSparrow technology ensures fast peer-to-peer transmission of video data. With AI analysis capabilities, these cameras can detect and recognize various object types, such as humans, vehicles, and pets. As a result, the surveillance system is able to record only relevant events, conserving storage space.

Video archive can be optimized even more by setting up the pixel movement detection feature. Specific zones can be defined to ensure recordings are triggered only when movement occurs in the selected area. To make surveillance precisely selective, it is possible to enable cameras only when the system is armed.


NVR: Guiding video to top-tier security

The synergy of Ajax systems and video surveillance will be delivered by Ajax NVR — network video recorder. It offers integration with Ajax video management system (VMS), ensuring seamless synchronization with the entire Ajax ecosystem, and allows wide compatibility with most IP cameras. NVR is available in 8 and 16-channel versions, providing instant access to video archives through the JetSparrow streaming technology with TLS encryption.


Grade 3: Entering the high-end security market

After relentless efforts, Ajax Systems can cater to the high-security market’s needs. Ajax’s wired Fibra devices are now officially certified as EN 50131 (Grade 3). This achievement underscores the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions for a broader range of facilities.

The certification is pivotal for high-risk establishments, including banks, gun shops, government agencies, museums, large warehouses, and offices housing valuable equipment and information. With this accomplishment, Ajax Systems not only marks a significant milestone but also enhances its capability to integrate third-party devices into the Ajax system, thanks to the Transmitter and MultiTransmitter modules.


Visit Ajax Systems’ website for more details.