Xer Technologies and Phase One collaborate to offer hybrid-electric BVLOS1 drones with high-resolution cameras for inspections

Xer Technologies, a Swiss manufacturer of long-endurance hybrid-electric drones, and Denmark-based Phase One, a global leader in high-end imaging technology, are collaborating to offer hybrid-electric BVLOS1 drones with ultra high-resolution cameras, suitable for aerial inspection of infrastructure assets, including powerlines, pipelines, railroad, and remote industrial structures.

The integration of the Xer X8 UAV2 platform and the Phase One P3 payload empowers inspection companies, drone service providers, and asset owners to embark on automatous, long-endurance flight operations of over 2.5 hours, while capturing ultra-high-resolution images at precise pre-defined geographic waypoints. This collaboration is expected to significantly reduce inspection acquisition time and costs, while extending inspection flight time and minimising pilot repositioning to increase efficiency.

Gökmen Çetin, International Sales Manager at Xer Technologies, said, “The Phase One camera provides key benefits to UAS3 inspection missions. With the combined quality and performance of the Phase One and X8 systems, inspection companies now have the platform and ability to acquire high-quality data at a fraction of the time.”

Michael Messerschmidt, Phase One Portfolio Director – Unmanned, said, “The integration of the P3 on the Xer X8 is a milestone as it adds flight time that significantly increases productivity and scalability in full scale grids inspections, without compromising the data quality. With the Xer X8, our customers can take a leap in the transition towards greener and more costeffective utility inspections.”