Okta Launches Okta Identity Governance Solution in APAC

Okta Identity Governance unifies identity and access management (IAM) with identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities, helping organizations improve their security and compliance posture, mitigate security risks and improve IT efficiency. Built on the Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, it works seamlessly with out-of-the-box integrations to more than 400 applications. It can flexibly connect to any resource with a low/no-code workflows automation platform.

“The need to effectively defend against cyber threats escalating by the day cannot be overstated,” said Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Okta Asia Pacific and Japan. “Identity governance and administration tools are a critical component of security ecosystems. But they are typically siloed and do not meet the demands of a cloud-first world. Okta Identity Governance is our move towards overcoming this limitation.”

Okta Identity Governance brings three key governance capabilities to the Workforce Identity Cloud:

Okta Access Requests is fully integrated with Okta’s no-code automation tool, Workflows, empowering organizations to automate the process of requesting access to applications and resources. With self-service capabilities integrated with collaboration tools, users are delivered streamlined and frictionless access.

Event-Based Certifications enable teams to run certification campaigns driven by events rather than predetermined schedules, offering more granular control and automation of their identity management. 

Enhanced Governance Reports provide increased visibility into who has access to what resources, who approved the access, and how they got it. These reporting capabilities make it easier for administrators to meet audit and compliance requirements. 


“Instead of simply checking a compliance box, a unified IAM platform brings together identity, access, and governance to improve an organisation’s security posture,” said Clare Robson, Director of Solutions Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan, Okta.

Customers today can integrate Okta with existing HR systems and directories and manage who gets access to what resources. If unusual activity is detected, the IT department can trigger a certification campaign and immediately suspend access to a resource. 

“With traditional IGA vendors, these scenarios can often require complex and custom integrations, making it hard to deploy and costly to maintain,” explained Robson.

Workforce Identity Cloud builds on our identity foundation to deliver an orchestration layer that leverages more automation and deeper integrations, allowing organizations to move faster and be more productive without compromising on security. Unifying Okta Identity Governance with our core IAM technology provides IT teams with holistic visibility and control of all enterprise identities, which has become more and more challenging in a boundaryless world.