SentinelOne launches Singapore data centre

SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, has announced the launch of its new data centre in Singapore. The deployment of the new data centre will aid Singaporean businesses and government agencies in their overall data protection and regulatory compliance efforts.

Highly regulated industries, including financial services providers, government agencies, and critical infrastructure companies, protect customer data by storing the information on servers located in Singapore. SentinelOne’s data centre deployment provides a path to the cloud for these industries, allowing them to benefit locally from the protection of SentinelOne’s market-leading cybersecurity.

Leveraging the cloud is a critical factor for organisations looking to improve their security posture. From a product perspective, cloud solutions are faster and easier to deploy and manage. "The Singapore data centre is a big step toward upgrading the security posture of Singaporean enterprises while helping to achieve compliance with data protection laws," said Raj Rajamani, Chief Product Officer at SentinelOne. "The cloud enables best-in-class protection and unprecedented scale, enabling customers to quickly deploy and standardise on Singularity XDR."

SentinelOne said the data centre comes at an essential time for Singapore. In 2021, over 65% of Singaporean organisations were hit with ransomware, up from just 25% in 2020. The ransom has risen as well. Organisations that had their data encrypted by attackers paid an average of US$1.16M million in 2021, six times higher than the $187,500 average in 2020. These increases demonstrate the need Singaporean organisations have for modernising their cybersecurity.

The data centre, built on the AWS platform, protects against cyberattacks with investments in preventing impact from power failures, natural disasters, and break-ins beyond those of most individual organisations.