Global VMS roll-out project with Qognify Cayuga

Biopharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim has a global footprint of about 180 sites. To effectively support video surveillance, Boehringer decided to standardise its hardware and software approach in the configuration and rollout of IT systems. Thanks to Qognify’s Cayuga ease of deployment, high scalability and customisation abilities, Boehringer could significantly reduce deployment time for new CCTV instances, reducing overall project cost and time.

This also included physical security applications – in particular the video management system (VMS). The variety of sites also presented a challenge for the VMS system which needed to support end user requirements as well as satisfy IT needs for stability and ease of support.

The Solution

To find the right VMS that would meet all its current and future requirements, Boehringer conducted an in-depth vendor selection process, pitting market leaders in video management systems against each other and comparing them with over 200 relevant questions from areas of IT security, system expandability, reliability of operation, and ease of deployment, followed by physical testing conducted by end users and their technical team.

Qognify’s VMS solutions was ultimately selected as ideal for the multi-site enterprise environment of Boehringer, with its focus on easy installation, configuration, and management. Supporting the majority of network cameras available on the market, Cayuga manages all camera feeds to enable holistic video monitoring at a glance, whether centrally on-site or remotely, with ease.