Detection Technology debuts service portfolio to enhance customer experience and sustainable development

Detection Technology debuted a service portfolio, named myDT+, to enhance unique customer experience and sustainable development. The company has productised a comprehensive range of services to boost the benefits of one-stop-shopping, to ensure that its customers get the most out of their investments, and to secure the longevity and reusability of its detector solutions.

The company’s newly launched service portfolio will contribute to performance improvement, time-to-market, up-time, lifetime, total cost savings and sustainability of industrial, security, and medical X-ray imaging systems. The myDT+ service portfolio will provide value-adding customer support from piloting new technologies and advanced development all the way to the end of the product life cycle and the recycling of detector solutions.

“Once again, we have set a new industry standard, as we are the first to provide carefully productized services for X-ray detector solutions. Our service portfolio makes us stand out as a true enabler of one-stop shopping. We have offered detector modules, data combiner boards, software libraries, and all the necessary accessories—and now, as the icing on the cake, services. This makes optimization, development, buying, integration, and maintaining of detector solutions easier for our customers,” says Juha Talasmäki, Vice President of Industrial Solutions Business Unit at Detection Technology.

“For over thirty years, we have been pioneering the development and industrialization of detector hardware, and now we are proud to say that service is also our profession. One example of our commitment and professionalism to service is our design for serviceability (DFS) approach, which is integrated into our product creation process. When we kick off a new product project, serviceability design starts automatically. With this holistic approach, we equip X-rays with quality detector solutions and services.”

In line with its “Beyond hardware” strategic objective, the company aims to complement its portfolio with higher-end detector solutions in which software and algorithms play a more significant role. Aligned with this, the company has been seeking out opportunities to commercialize not only hardware but software and services, too.

The service products are available immediately for the company’s current and potential customers. Both hardware and service solutions are provided by the same teams that focus on industrial, security, or medical applications. For placing service orders and tracking requests, the company’s myDT extranet portal is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.