All-over-IP Expo 2015 Unveils Storage And Networking Insights
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All-over-IP Expo 2015 sees most influential IT vendors who lead the way towards the next big thing in data storage and networking for the first time gathering at Storage, Networks, Cloud Conference on November 19, 2015 in Moscow, Russia. The conference features a line-up of speakers from Dell, EMC, Hitachi, Quantum, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Western Digital, TE Connectivity, Seagate, Intel, NetApp.

Agenda and Audience Addressed
The conference agenda is framed around senior-level insights, unveiling advanced storage and networking strategies for HD video surveillance applications. The event follows top priorities of local security and surveillance sales partners and users looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive business growth and competitiveness.

The 2015 Storage, Networks, Cloud Conference will focus on economical growth strategies to fulfill the storage and network performance requirements of large, centralised video surveillance systems while reducing capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Video surveillance storage solutions are rapidly adopted and estimated to grow at 16.3 percent CAGR up to $10.41 bln in 2018. Storage revenues are to outpace that of cameras as storage vendors ship more to keep up with a growing number of camera feeds, migration from analog to IP and HD cameras. HDD industry will reap the benefits of the video surveillance industry that requires ample storage, with the need for HD video, network connectivity and cloud storage.

Improving network performance is the top priority related to IP video surveillance (75 percent of all arising challenges). Networking hardware vendors have been quick to capitalise on the exciting growth in the video surveillance market and started producing solutions tailored specifically for video surveillance. The market of Ethernet switches for video surveillance is to double over the next 3 years, topping $500 million in 2018.

Media Coverage
All-over-IP Expo 2015 partners with 58 global and local media to maximise exposure for Storage, Networks, Cloud Conference speakers and brands, conveying their message, expertise and technology. Among the conference media partners are,, CCTViNFO.COM, SecurityMediaPublishing,, Local awareness is supported by industry leading publications including Security&Safety Magazine, Rubezh Magazine, Security Director Magazine, Algorithm of Security Magazine, and online media including ComNews,, Security

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