Picturing Alarms With Bosch Fire Panel And Monitoring System
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Bosch Security Systems introduces a safety management system for up to 31 networked fire panels with a maximum of 5, 000 detection points. The monitoring and visualisation software is compatible with Bosch's fire alarm systems 1200 and 5000 series and supports up to ten operators simultaneously. The system can be licensed for up to 2.500 (FSM-2500) or for a maximum of 5.000 detection points (FSM-5000).

FSM-2500 and FSM-5000 are sophisticated solutions for fire applications where visualisation is mandatory while integration into a comprehensive building management system is not required. They connect to either standalone panels or a panel network via Ethernet over copper or fiber optic cables. Both, Ethernet and CAN-based panel networks are supported.

Installation of the new Fire Monitoring System is made easy by wizards, which guide the user through all necessary steps for server and client setup. The panel configuration is automatically detected and taken over, avoiding cumbersome and error-prone manual data input. Floor plans can be imported from different file formats such as bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, dxf and DWG, supporting both current and older AutoCAD releases. Configuration of individual objects is also easy. Sensors can be added by a simple "point & click" operation on the map with a configuration window opening automatically.

Operations and management of the Fire Monitoring System with multilingual user interface are just as easy as installation and configuration. Within any given map, specific areas can be defined and displayed as sub-maps. In case of an alarm, an automatic zoom into the respective sub-map is performed, and manual zooms into any sub-map of interest are possible. A pan function allows the operator to move maps into any direction. Authorisations and access rights of users are managed on the level of highly customisable groups with each user being member of one or multiple groups.

In case of an alarm, the Fire Monitoring System can forward a message by email to one or more users via the configured SMPT server. All alarms are logged in a comprehensive alarm log and all users’ actions are stored in an event log. Log data can be searched by various criteria and be used to generate statistics and reports, which can be printed or exported into Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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