Dallmeier Launches New Video Analysis Appliance DVS 800 IPS
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The DVS 800 IPS is a compact and versatile SEDOR video analysis server appliance. The proven platform of VideoNetBox II is used as hardware. The SEDOR Analysis Server software for analysis as well as the Smavia Recording Server software for recording are already installed ex works. The DVS 800 IPS supports the analysis of up to four IP video channels and the recording of up to eight IP video channels.

Both the analysis and the recording software can be configured easily with a browser via Ethernet. The Smavia Viewing Client is available for evaluation of the recordings. In addition to the fast and intuitive display of live views the client software supports sophisticated navigation functions for playback, numerous search functions for metadata, the Dallmeier SmartFinder for finding of sequences with movements and PRemote-HD for transmission in narrowband networks.

The analysis results can be output in real-time directly to the Smavia Viewing Client. In addition, they can be sent as a message in XML format or used for the control of external relays over Ethernet. They can also be output to the external management client PGuard advance. The results of counting applications can be represented graphically or in tabular form using the optional display and evaluation module SEDOR DiViStic over Ethernet with a browser.

The DVS 800 IPS has a compact housing and is perfectly suited for wall mountings.

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