Customised Security Solution From Bosch For Building Complex In Mexico City
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Bosch Security Systems was chosen as the supplier of a comprehensive net-worked security solution for the new building complex Capital Reforma in Mexico’s capital city. The solution comprises video surveillance systems, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control. The entire solution can be monitored and operated centrally.

Capital Reforma is located in a prestigious neighbourhood with many tourist attractions, luxurious restaurants, office buildings and public art exhibitions. It has also become a traditional place for the Mexicans to celebrate, for example, many parades make their way through this avenue. Capital Reforma is a multi-purpose building complex with two 108 metres high towers each with 25 floors and 30.000 square metres of office space, 14.000 square metres of luxury condominiums and a parking space with 1.760 square metres. In order to provide a secure environment for visitors and anybody working or living in the building complex, a comprehensive security solution fulfilling any requirements of the different areas was needed.

With regard to fire detection, the local Bosch partner Insecom decided on an integrated and highly-scalable solution that is based on the Modular Fire Pan-el 5000 Series. The selected fire detectors 420 Series guarantee fast and immediate response on the one hand, on the other hand robustness against false alarms and thus provide reliable operation in each of the different areas. Miguel A. Reyes from Insecom confirms: "Bosch not only offers the flexible and high quality products we are looking for, but also proves to be a great partner to work with. Additionally, the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series is much easier to install, operate and maintain than the third party systems we had mostly used in the past.” An important aspect of the Bosch systems is also the offered backwards compatibility, something Insecom had missed with other suppliers before, where they had been faced with frequent model changes. The fire detection system is interfaced with the PLENA Voice Alarm system, which allows the operator to distribute targeted evacuation instructions tailored to the different areas and their escape routes. A comprehensive video solution has been realised using the AUTODOME IP cameras, which meet the requirements of the building’s aesthetic. The cameras provide high quality images, even in low light or high contrast. Access control is based on the Bosch AMC (Access Modular Controller) and efficiently rounds off the security solution. Access, registration and control of visitors and tenants are consequently ensured at any time.

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