Enhanced Security in an Age of Remote Work with ManageEngine’s Unified Endpoint Management Capabilities  
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ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, will be adding data loss prevention for endpoints, anti-ransomware, and endpoint compliance capabilities to its unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, Desktop Central. 

Since the widespread adoption of remote work, organisations have noticed a nearly 500% spike in ransomware attacks, adding both to the evolving cyberthreat landscape, and impacting the business continuity of affected enterprises. With hybrid work models expected to stay, ManageEngine has introduced anti-ransomware capabilities to aid in real-time ransomware detection, seamless data recovery, and root cause analysis for organisations to future-proof their cybersecurity strategy.

In its 2021 Digital Readiness Survey, ManageEngine found that 83% of respondents globally faced a surge in security risks due to remote work. To establish secure access to corporate data in the midst of these cyberthreats, organisations deployed a combination of solutions like Secure Access Service Edge, cloud access security brokers and Zero Trust. However, organizations still need to ensure the security of corporate data and prevent data loss on employees’ endpoints. This is where endpoint data loss prevention comes in, introduced by ManageEngine as a means to allow customers to restrict the exchange of data to trusted emails, peripherals and cloud applications, all from their existing UEM environment.   

To ensure continued security, organisations need to stay compliant with industry regulatory standards. ManageEngine enables this with its latest addition that helps organizations comply with CIS compliance for endpoints, in turn complying with PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and other regulatory frameworks aligning with CIS Benchmarks™.

"The pandemic changed the way we work, distributing a highly centralised workforce and later pushing organisations into a hybrid work model. Cybercriminals leverage such changes to enhance the complexity of cyberattacks. Enterprises need to make constant additions to their cybersecurity infrastructure to tackle these new threats," said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, Vice President of ManageEngine. "ManageEngine strives to continue adding enhanced security capabilities to its UEM solution, helping organizations combat the evolving threat landscape without the need for additional agents and setup."

These capabilities are available with UEM at $40 per year, per license. A fully functional, 30-day trial is also available, as well as the Free edition for startups and small businesses to manage up to 25 endpoints.