Hanwha Techwin Launches five P series AI cameras in 2MP
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Global security company Hanwha Techwin recently launched a premium lineup of Wisenet P series artificial intelligence (AI) 2MP cameras with AI-enabled features.

The latest lineup of five cameras (PNB-A6001/PNO-A6081R/PND-A6081RV/PND-A6081RF/PNV-A6081R) captures quality images at up to 2MP resolution while including powerful, in-camera deep learning algorithms for advanced object detection, classification and error-free analytics. Utilising object recognition versus motion detection eliminates false alarms while also providing valuable business and operations insight.

The new cameras detect and classify objects including people, vehicles, license plates, and faces. It is equipped with a ‘BestShot’ feature which selects the most suitable image of classified objects to be sent to a backend server. Unique attributes of the objects are also stored as metadata alongside the video information including: colors of clothes, age groups, vehicle types, and colours. This prevents server overload and allows prompt AI-driven search for extracting information on specific objects, improving the overall search efficiency.

They also support the latest noise reduction technology, WiseNRII (Wise Noise Reduction II), which utilises AI object detection technology to identify object appearance or movements and remove motion blur adaptively in low light environments with large amounts of noise. It effectively resolves the issue of blurry images and other effects caused by excessive noise reduction.

Wisenet P series AI 2MP cameras also support the company’s proprietary WiseStreamIII technology. It identifies key objects such as people and/or vehicles based on the edge-based AI and compresses background data drastically. This curtails data size and minimizes bandwidth for better operational efficiency in managing data storage.

“The new lineup of 2MP AI cameras will offer greater access to diverse environments and applications,” said an official from Hanwha Techwin. “Our company will leverage its technical prowess to advance AI-powered solutions and diversify the product line, spearheading the rapidly growing AI market.”