Boon Edam Makes Significant Investment In Expanding Training For Customers And Installers
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Boon Edam Inc. today announced a significant expansion of the company’s training programs for its dealers, installers, and end users. In 2015, the company will be offering monthly webinar training, as well as several sessions of factory training at the Boon Edam production facility in Lillington, NC.

The free Technical Webinars will be offered monthly, with each Webinar lasting 60-90 minutes. Webinars are open to those enrolled in Boon Edam’s customer database through a Boon Edam Business Development Manager. Invitations will be sent out ahead of the training date, and the session is open to anyone that receives an invite and their colleagues.

The Webinar training objectives are to provide additional information on how a Boon Edam door operates, how to set up the basic operating systems, and an overview of the basic installation procedures. “Our overall goal is to provide enough information through our training and Boon Edam’s Advanced Customer Care service so that there are no ‘surprises’ when installing or servicing a Boon Edam product,” explained Zac Ellett, Boon Edam technical training resources manager. “We recommend anyone enroll in the Webinars who is involved with Boon Edam equipment—technicians, install coordinators, project managers, sales members, and others.”

In addition to monthly Webinars, the company will be providing Factory Training sessions at the main production facility in North Carolina. Factory trainings include classroom theory instruction, hands-on training, interactive stations, quizzes and a real time question and answer environment.

“Boon Edam has a wide array of products that have many different operating systems designed for high operation and high quality of each application. Our objective is to provide the necessary training on how to service and maintain these operating systems to ensure end user satisfaction. Also, we aim to provide enough information so that a technician is fully capable and competent to service the unit without relying on any other party for full time assistance,” said Ellett.

As part of Boon Edam’s commitment to customer satisfaction and providing installers with the tools and knowledge they need for success, both training programs are free of charge. Attendees do need to cover their own travel and accommodations.

Attendees can register for Factory Trainings online and formal invitations to attend will be sent out approximately four weeks before each session commences. Ellett recommends anyone involved with Boon Edam equipment—technicians, install coordinators, project managers, sales members, and others—should attend a Factory Training session. Because of strong sales in Central and South America, Boon Edam also offers two sessions of Factory Training in Spanish.