Bosch Security Systems: Software Update v.1.2 Introduces New Possibilities
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Bosch Security Systems has introduced a software update for its innovative DCN multimedia Conference System. Version 1.2 of the software offers new features that considerably expand the capabilities of the system. The new software supports inter alia the following possibilities: the participation of up to 750 people; identification at seats of participants (even if they choose their own seats), ad hoc voting at seat, and the use of stem microphones for acoustically difficult environments such as reverberant rooms.

Expansion of maximum number of participants

By expanding the possible size of the system, version 1.2 of the DCN multimedia software increases the maximum number of possible participants from 100 to 750. All participants are equipped with a conference unit (a DCN multimedia Multimedia Device) of their own. This makes the DCN multimedia Conference System suitable even for very large conferences – whether governmental or corporate – and capable of satisfying the growing needs of customers without requiring any new investment.

Identification at seat

Identification at seat allows conference participants to take a seat wherever they like and just log in from there; their names will then be displayed automatically in the list of speakers and on the camera screen. Participants can log in either by selecting their names from the list of participants or by entering their user names. However, if strict seating arrangements are required, participants are welcomed as they log in and the seats assigned to them are indicated. Passwords or systems of identification are used to prohibit unauthorized access.

Voting at seat

The new version of the software allows ad hoc voting at seat – ideal for parliamentary or local council proceedings – and no separate technical preparations for this are required. Conference participants can choose (in their own languages) between the options “For”, “Against” or “Abstain” without leaving their seats; coloured buttons make the system more intuitive. Votes are tallied by the conference unit to which the task is assigned, the results being displayed automatically on the 7”display of all participating multimedia devices.

Stem microphones for acoustically challenging applications

For noisy environments and rooms with poor acoustics, the new software as well supports the wearing of unidirectional stem microphones which are immune to interference from mobile phones. The microphones come in a choice of long and short goosenecks. The Multimedia Device detects the connected microphone and adjusts the audio settings accordingly.

Version 1.2 of the DCN multimedia software from Bosch is available worldwide with immediate effect.