3xLOGIC’s New VIGIL Trends Changes Organizational Decision Making
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3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated intelligent security solutions, recently announced the release of VIGIL Trends, a new productivity tool that provides key stakeholders the critical data needed to make real-time, informed decisions.

VIGIL Trends provides a clean, simple visual snapshot of any organization’s operations. Leveraging unique icons, graphs, and intuitive color-grouped images, Trends organizes vast amounts of disparate data so it can be interpreted more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Trends’ reports are completely customizable, presenting information in the format and method most effective for each user.

“The critical element that’s been missing from traditional Business Intelligence offerings is the ability to understand the impact human interaction has on an outcome,” said Matthew Kushner, 3xLOGIC’s ceo. “VIGIL Trends is all about aggregating disparate data, and integrating it with human behavioral data. We can then extract the most relevant information and deliver it to users in a highly-consumable visual format. This approach, while easy to describe, has been a technological obstacle no other BI provider has been able to overcome until now. VIGIL Trends is the only way to obtain a truly dynamic and actionable picture of the activity and overall health of your business today.”

The increase in viable data being made available through sensors, cameras, time/attendance systems, access control devices, ATMs, EAS, LPR, POS and other analytic tools has been harnessed to provide unprecedented visibility into any organization. With VIGIL Trends, 3xLOGIC has created a way to distill all of this disparate data into relevant, actionable information that can be efficiently and effectively acted upon--saving time and money and reducing loss and ineffective operations.

“The real value VIGIL Trends offers is its innate ability to quickly identify data outliers that impact an organization,” emphasized Charlie Erickson, 3xLOGIC’s EVP Product Development. “We compile and present information in such a way that users can compare data, be it store-to-store, day-to-day, or employee-specific. Then, we provide the tools that enable users to drill down to the level of granularity they want; all with an intuitive, easy to use interface that empowers users to act upon the new information now available to them.”

VIGIL Trends will be available for purchase beginning October 27th onwards.