The PROFILE Flexible fire detection and alarm system from ZETTLER

Today’s fire protection needs can be complex. Every building has a unique structure that requires a different system configuration. That’s why the PROFILE Flexible fire detection and alarm system from ZETTLER has been engineered to provide a powerful, versatile solution for virtually any fire protection application. 

Flexible system design and powerful configuration software

PROFILE Flexible is an advanced control panel that uses MZX Technology at its heart. With robust configuration software, a modular design and integration with standard building management software (BMS) systems, the PROFILE Flexible system can meet even the most challenging requirements. Its modularity as well as its ability to split loops results in nearly endless hardware configurations. The power and flexibility of its software allows the implementation of simple to incredibly complex configurations. PROFILE fully integrates with third-party BMS software via standard protocols for streamlined, centralized management. This combination of adaptable design and software empowers the ZETTLER PROFILE Flexible system to cover just about any imaginable fire protection application.

Future-proof adaptability and lower total cost of ownership

No site stays the same forever – and some sites change frequently. As a building’s needs and challenges transform, its existing fire protection must adapt. The PROFILE Flexible system is a virtually future-proof solution that can help reduce the lifetime costs of a building. The system includes high-quality, modular panels that are expandable and networkable to specifically fit each environment being protected. They’re also backward and forward compatible with all loop devices, including detectors, input and output modules and sounders, visual alarm devices (VADs) and more. In addition, PROFILE is approved to EN54-13 standards – ensuring full compatibility between panels and devices. Its future-ready flexibility and lower total cost of ownership make PROFILE an intelligent, long-term investment for any building.

Lower installation cost and simplified wiring

Visual alarm devices (VADs) require a lot of current, which limits the number of devices a loop can power. The PROFILE Flexible system from ZETTLER provides a 1 Amp loop current – twice the current of most competing systems. This means more devices can connect to each loop so fewer loops and panels are required. Having fewer loops and panels streamlines design while reducing wiring and installation costs. 


Extreme reliability and accurate detection

For building owners, a single false alarm can cause big problems. Only ZETTLER combines PROFILE Flexible panels with 3oTec 850PC triple-sensing detectors to monitor smoke, heat and CO levels simultaneously. This advanced triple-detection technology significantly reduces false alarms and provides earlier detection. Backed by approvals from across Europe, ZETTLER leads the way in faster, more accurate fire detection. 


ZETTLER makes it possible. 

Modern fire protection requires a detection and alarm system design that responds to the unique, shifting challenges and needs of each site. It requires a system with superior power, flexibility and reliability. The versatile design and powerful configuration software of the PROFILE Flexible fire detection and alarm system from ZETTLER makes it ideal for virtually any fire protection application. Because protecting life matters. And safety should never be a compromise.

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