Zebra Technologies Introduces The ZT400 Series, The Next Generation Of Zebra’s Tabletop Printers
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Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in products and solutions that provide real-time asset intelligence for enterprises announced today the launch of the new ZT400 series printers, Zebra’s latest mid-range printer offering that will replace all ZM series printers.

The ZT400 series was created in response to changing end-user needs, as more enterprises shift towards adopting a distributed printing model with operations stationed around the globe. With added enhancements like its Link-OS® capabilities and its easy-to-use interface, the ZT400 series greatly decreases the need for technical know-how on the end-user’s part, thus resolving multiple customer pain points in device management, lack of flexibility, operational downtime, and system integration.

“In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, there is a strong need for businesses to gain real-time visibility and insights in order to maximize efficiency and efficacy. To achieve this, businesses need to gain end-to-end control and visibility over every touch point on their supply chain,” said Rod Rodericks, vice president and managing director at Zebra Technologies. “With the introduction of the ZT400 printers, we are expanding our suite of solutions available to help enterprises stay ahead of the competition, and in-tune with their customer’s needs, whilst helping solve many business pain points in their value chain.”

Key features of the ZT400 series printers include:

• Ease of integration and management: Zebra’s Link-OS® environment allows individual or an entire network of printers to be conveniently managed and maintained from any location around the globe through the cloud.

• Ease of use: The ZT400 printers are easy to operate and help eliminate the need for complete reliance on specialist support. With a standardized IT monitoring and data logging tool, Syslog, an intuitive user interface, and how-to videos and information that can be readily accessed from the web, end-users can start operating these devices more independently.

• Greater reliability: With the ZT400 printers’ failover capabilities between Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and its improved durability, operational downtime become greatly reduced, thus helping businesses increase efficiencies and reduce wastage costs.

Additional benefits of the ZT400 printers include an extensive range of connectivity options, and advancements to the print speed and quality. With greater application flexibility and increased efficiency, the ZT400 printer affords businesses greater control over their assets, people and transactions, and better end-to-end visibility. This assurance of quality, coupled with their rugged durability for long-lasting performance, makes the ZT400 series printers ideal for deployment in manufacturing, transportation & logistics, healthcare, and retail industries.

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