TrafiData Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensor Solution By FLIR Provides Road Traffic Security

FLIR TrafiData intelligent thermal traffic sensor solution by FLIR Systems promises improved data collection capabilities. FLIR TrafiData is a unique offering in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) market with the ability to perform as both a data collection device and classification unit with the advantage of thermal and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in a single, unified platform.

Using the combination of thermal imaging as well as AI to detect, track, classify, and communicate road traffic data over Wi-Fi, FLIR TrafiData is able to relay to security management a multitude of results: measuring real-time travel, differentiating and counting vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, and providing origin and destination insights. The massive data set is collected over the Acyclica by FLIR platform, a smart city data management platform, which is seamlessly accessed through FLIR’s Cameleon ITS advanced transportation management software, or other compatible management software. The ability to capture this high-resolution, real-time data enables city planners and transportation managers to manage emerging traffic conditions, reducing congestion and enhancing road security. 

Jim Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR Systems, stressed that by combining thermal camera with Acyclica’s real-time analytics into a single device, TrafiData helps transportation and city planners gain access to ground-breaking data collection capabilities for smarter, safer cities.