Event Attendees ‘Delighted and Surprised’ by Biometric Tech for Check-In
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An event technology solutions provider says that clients are increasingly interested in a new biometric check-in solution.

The company, Expo Logic, teamed up with biometrics specialist Zenus to develop the system which uses facial recognition to identify event attendees. When a registered attendee approaches an event’s kiosk to check in, the system identifies the guest, greets them by name, and prints an attendee badge for them on the spot.

In a statement announcing the solution, Expo Logic suggested that it allows for greater efficiency in processing event attendees, but also emphasized the positive user experience enabled by the biometric identification. Expo Logic President Jeff Cooper asserted that “attendee faces light up when they interact with the technology,” adding, “They are delighted and surprised by this efficient and personal check-in experience.” And the company said that since an initial pilot was conducted last autumn, the system “has been used at several events and will be showing up at many more this year including Community Brands Xperience18 and Keller Williams’ Luxury Home Event.”

It’s a testament to the growing proliferation of biometric technology, and everyday users’ increasing familiarity and comfort with facial recognition in the wake of high-profile consumer products like the iPhone X, which uses facial recognition for phone unlocking and other user authentication applications. With Zenus’ help, Expo Logic is evidently capitalizing on this trend, and other companies in the event organizing market are likely to follow suit.