Hillstone Networks Launches 2018 Global Roadshow to Demonstrate Security that Works
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Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of network security solutions, today announced the launch of 2018 global partner roadshow, traveling through Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe to showcase its portfolio of security solutions. The roadshow aims to drive brand awareness of Hillstone while giving potential partners the opportunity to learn more about Hillstone's solutions and partner programs.

"We have proudly partnered with Hillstone for four years, and have seen a sizeable increase in market share in our region. The Hillstone portfolio is competitive and addresses real customer challenges. Hillstone is dedicated to the empowered of their partners," said Jeffrey Low, Director of Secure Source Distribution.

"Our channel programs provide training, promotion, and rewards to partners who deliver and support our intelligent next-generation enterprise and data center firewall solutions," said Ning Mo, Senior Vice President of Sales from Hillstone Networks. "For over 15,000 customers worldwide who rely on proven Hillstone products, this collaborative approach to solving security challenges leads to seamless integration that helps reduce risk and operational costs."

The theme of the roadshow is "Security that Works," which focuses on the importance of organizations having the proper defense in place when considering their overall IT security strategy. Hillstone Networks provides the tools and online services to ensure the security and protection of business networks, including their critical assets. Through a wide variety of solutions and services, it delivers the protection requisite to all business organizations.