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Surveon's Worldwide Success Cases Support Partners to Growth

New Taipei City, Taiwan – Surveon's comprehensive solutions for different vertical markets have successfully deployed to many well-known and large-scale projects such as Singapore airport, Malaysia KL tower, Turkey border checkpoint and more. Its high quality products with industrial-grade components can function properly under extreme weathers. All of NVRs provide flexibility to easily expand number of recording days with large capacity. Moreover, the data protection with Failover function helps partner to prevent video loss for mission-critical projects.

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Israel to Replace Metal Detectors in Jerusalem with Smart Surveillance

Jerusalem, Israel - decided on Tuesday to remove metal detectors it had placed at the entrance to a holy site in Jerusalem's Old City and replace them with smart, less obtrusive surveillance means, a Cabinet statement said.

Israel installed metal detectors at entry points to Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem after two police officers were fatally shot on July 14, triggering the bloodiest clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in years.

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Qognify and Navi Mumbai Win Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Protection Program from GSN 2017 Security Awards

Qognify, the leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, today announced that the Government Security News' 2017 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards has nominated its collaboration with Navi Mumbai Police as Most Notable Critical Infrastructure Protection Program.

For the second consecutive year, Qognify has been recognized by GSN for its major international project deployments. At the core of the Navi Mumbai safe city project is Qognify Situator, an advanced Situation Management platform, and the Qognify's Video Management Solution, which controls numerous surveillance cameras throughout the new city that has been developed to handle the population overflow from Mumbai.

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Nagpur to Come Under CCTV Surveillance in Six Months

NAGPUR:The city's command and control centre, which is part of the Rs 520 crore Smart City Solutions Project, is set to become operational within six months. The centre will help the police department, which includes the traffic personnel, to monitor law and order situation and also manage traffic sitting at the centre.

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis was scheduled to to perform e-bhoomipuja of the centre on Wednesday from his official residence in Mumbai. However, the function has been postponed now.

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The Future of Biometrics is Data Security

Fraud is moving at such a fast pace that companies need many layers of security.

iPhones already use biometrics in the form of fingerprints to unlock devices and retina scanners are used at several border controls. But, could biometrics enter the mainstream and be a part of everyday security?

Today, fraud is moving at such a fast pace that companies need multiple layers of security. Since the 19th century, law enforcement agencies have used biometrics fingerprinting for identifying criminal suspects. The applications have extended in the last fifteen years to airport security checks, law enforcement and for physical access to facilities. Now, biometrics have even expanded to counter terrorism efforts - the technology provides a robust level of identification, helping to validate arriving passengers.

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WAMA Enters into USA – Joining Hands with AVAS to Bring Out a New CCTV Ecosystem

WAMA Technology Ltd. is a CCTV technology company incorporated by a group of Hong Kong entrepreneurs. The company focuses on developing professional and cost-effective video surveillance solutions for the mass market’s needs. WAMA management team has 20 years of concrete experiences in the CCTV industry and with a team of well experienced R&D professionals, WAMA always delivers solutions using state-of-the-art technologies much quicker than other participants in the marketplace.

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Enterprises Overconfident About Perimeter Security, Gemalto Finds

There is a measurable gap between organizations' perceptions of what keeps them secure and what is actually working to mitigate cyber-security risks, according to a new report from Gemalto.

The Gemalto report surveyed 1,050 IT decision-makers globally and found some surprising results. Among the high-level findings is that 94 percent of IT professionals reported that in their view perimeter security is effective at keeping unauthorized users out of their networks. Yet despite that apparent confidence, 65 percent reported that they are not extremely confident that their data would be protected in the event of a perimeter breach.

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Thuraya Signs MoU with Huawei at INTERPOL 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Thuraya Telecommunications Company signed a MoU with Huawei at the INTERPOL WORLD 2017 exhibition, held from July 4-7 in Singapore. This important global event was an occasion to showcase several initiatives in public safety by different organizations.

Thuraya’s partnership with Huawei specifically merges innovative capabilities for crisis and disaster management solutions. With over 20 years of experience in relief communications, critical communications and disaster management, Thuraya is a trusted partner in advancing applications for widespread deployment in emergency situations via satellite connectivity.

The company’s satellite broadband and M2M terminals, satellite phones, SatSleeve adaptors and other integrated solutions designed for critical communications give first responders and relief organizations robust connectivity options in the midst of disasters. The ‘convergence’ of satellite and terrestrial GSM services gives users the much-needed flexibility to control communications and related costs in disaster regions.

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SINOSURE Zhejiang Becomes Strategic Dahua Technology Ally

Hangzhou, China - Dahua Technology and the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) Zhejiang branch signed a 5-year strategic partnership agreement. Dahua Chairman, Mr. Fu Liquan and SINOSURE Zhejiang Party Secretary and General Manager, Mr. Hu Yongju, represented their organizations in signing the agreement. With the agreement, SINOSURE will take advantage of its strengths and impact as a national policy-oriented insurance organization to provide Dahua with financial policy support and safeguard for the expansion of its domestic and international trade and projects, resulting in a revamped and upgraded company development.

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To Establish a Global New Network Security Ecosystem

Hangzhou, China - Cyber-security has increasingly become a topic of global concern. Especially after being attacked by a large-scale DDoS, the global public security network almost paralyzed. Dahua insists on creating safety value, and trying to call attentions to establish a global new network security ecosystem, protecting network security for end users, installers and device manufacturers.

DDoS Attack Has Triggered the “Network Security Gate”
It is not an exaggeration to say that the world is in deep crisis caused by “Network Security Gate”. Especially, in 2016, an American website for online jewelry sales was attacked by hackers.